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About Practice-It!

Practice-It is a web application to help you practice solving Java programming problems online. Many of the problems come from the University of Washington's introductory Java courses, which are often taught by Stuart Reges, Marty Stepp, Hélène Martin, and Allison Obourn.

To use Practice-It, first create an account, then choose a problem from our list. Type a solution and submit it to our server. The system will test it and tell you whether your solution is correct.

You can view our list of problems without logging in, but to submit a solution for a problem or to track your progress, you must create an account and log in.

Practice-It is developed by Marty Stepp, former senior CSE lecturer at the University of Washington and current CS lecturer at Stanford University. Colleague Jessica Miller also made significant contributions to the development of Practice-It. Many exercises have been added by teaching assistants and colleagues; we thank them for their help. Awesome TAs Katlyn Edwards and Zack Cava currently assist with maintenance and administration of Practice-It. Special thanks to TA Zorah Fung for drawing the Practice-It logo image and purple cow mascot.

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