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BJP3 Exercise 7.2: range

Added by: Lisa Fiedler on 2013/04/01
Language: Java

Write a static method named range that takes an array of integers as a parameter and returns the range of values contained in the array. The range of an array is defined to be one more than the difference between its largest and smallest element. For example, if the largest element in the array is 15 and the smallest is 4, the range is 12. If the largest and smallest values are the same, the range is 1.

The following table shows some calls to your method and their results (the largest and smallest values are underlined):

Call Value Returned
int[] a1 = {8, 3, 5, 7, 2, 4};
range(a1) returns  7
int[] a2 = {15, 22, 8, 19, 31};
range(a2) returns 24
int[] a3 = {3, 10000000, 5, -29, 4};
range(a3) returns 10000030
int[] a4 = {100, 5};
range(a4) returns 96
int[] a5 = {32};
range(a5) returns  1

You may assume that the array contains at least one element (that its length is at least 1). You should not make any assumptions about the values of the particular elements in the array; they could be extremely large, very small, etc. You should not modify the contents of the array.

Method problem: For this problem, you are supposed to write a Java method as described. You should not write a complete Java class; just write the method(s) described in the problem statement.

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