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Practice-It version 4.1.12 (2019-12-16)

Practice-It is a web application to help you practice solving Java programming problems online.

To use Practice-It, first create an account, then choose a problem from our list. Type a solution and submit it to our server. The system will test it and tell you whether your solution is correct.

Practice-It is a free service provided by the University of Washington, originally developed by Marty Stepp.

Thanks to:

  • Zorah Fung for drawing the Practice-It logo image and mascot
  • Glen Herrmannsfeldt from Caltech for contacting us with many bug fixes and suggestions for improvement to the quality of the system
  • Countless other teaching assistants and colleagues who added problems

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What's New:

  • [2019-12-16] v4.1.12 posted.
    • Adjustments to contact form
  • [2019-09-19] v4.1.11 posted.
    • Add BJP5 problems
  • [2019-07-23] v4.1.10 posted.
    • Remove Google Analytics from site
  • [2019-05-20] v4.1.9 posted.
    • Fixed issue with password reset function
  • [2019-05-16] v4.1.8 posted.
    • Fixed a security issue reported by UT Austin
  • [2019-02-19] v4.1.7 posted.
    • Teacher UI improvements
  • [2019-02-07] v4.1.6 posted.
    • Small cosmetic fixes in email templates
    • Fix form validation issue when submitting bug reports
  • [2019-01-24] v4.1.5 posted.
    • Fix bug that accidentally exposed hidden problems to users
  • [2019-01-14] v4.1.4 posted.
    • Fix header formatting in "condensed" CSV output
  • [2019-01-09] v4.1.3 posted.
    • Fix teacher CSV exporting multiple problems at once
  • [2018-12-10] v4.1.2 posted.
    • Removed "favorite" button
    • Make password reset flow less confusing
    • Show more stack details when an exception is thrown
  • [2018-11-30] v4.1.1 posted.
    • Fixed bug that caused all code problem tests to fail within timed quizzes
  • [2018-10-16] v4.1.0 posted.
    • Fixed missing date/time values in CSV download
  • [2017/1/4] v4.0.10 posted.
    • Fixed bug where submit button could be spammed
    • Added CSV download support
    • Relaxed the way certain solutions are evaluated
    • Fixed numerous content issues with problems
    • Show problem solved status in search page
  • [2016/10/11] v4.0.8 posted.
    • Fixed numerous content issues with problems
    • Other small miscellaneous bug fixes
  • [2016/09/06] v4.0.7 posted.
    • Added BJP4 problems. (Big thanks to Melissa Galloway for helping with this.)
    • Improved performance of problem list page
    • Improved layout of some pages
    • Contact form now automatically includes problem information
    • Various problem bug fixes
  • [2016/08/23] v4.0.6 posted.
    • Fixed scrolling on solution box
    • Problems that return arrays now print out full array
    • Certain problems that enforce immutable parameters are fixed
    • Problems that require writing to a PrintStream are fixed
    • Problems that compare maps and sets no longer enforce an order
    • Other small formatting and content fixes
    • Removed link to old Practice-it
  • [2016/08/09] v4.0.5 posted.
    • Fix for problems that returned arrays
    • Fix for some problems that returned other types
    • Fix for problems that throw exceptions
    • Longer usernames are now allowed
  • [2016/08/01] v4.0.4 posted.
    • Administrator features fixes
    • Style tweaks
  • [2016/07/21] v4.0.3 posted.
    • Important security updates.
    • Fixed some array problems.
    • Fixed some problems with images.
    • "Favorite" button works again.
    • Fix formatting issues with solution box.
  • [2016/07/12] v4.0.2 posted.
    • Fixed problems with collections of integers.
    • Fixed problems with Deque.
    • Other small bug fixes.
  • [2016/07/09] v4.0.1 posted.
    • Changed versioning scheme. Current major version is 4.
    • Fixed problems where array is returned.
    • Fixed CSE 373 problems.
    • Problems with randomness now test more accurately.
    • Problem number displayed in problem view.
    • Fixed bug when creating new account where usernames appeared not to be available.
    • Many other bug fixes for problems.
  • [2016/05/25] v1.0b posted. Major changes to site UI. Partial AWS integration. Preparations for open-sourcing codebase. Bug fix for DrawingPanel problems. Transitioned from Prototype to jQuery. Allow username changes.
  • [2016/02/19] v0.6.2 posted. Bug fixes with C++ compiler errors. Bug fixes for Python syntax highlighting.
  • [2015/12/18] v0.6.1 posted. Bug fixes and improved CSS on mobile devices. Several problems added.
  • [2015/11/30] v0.6.0 posted. Initial version of asynchronous job queue added. This will improve performance during high-traffic times and facilitate later work to integrate AWS / cloud features into the system.
  • [2015/11/24] v0.5.4 posted. Improved icons; redesigned UI for test runs. New refactored compiler error / exception output for Java/C++/Python including exception stack traces.
  • [2015/11/23] v0.5.3 posted. Initial Python support.
  • [2015/11/19] v0.5.0 posted. UI cleanup.
  • [2015/09/01] Initial site created.

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