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BJP3 Self-Check 3.15: mathExpressions2

Language/Type: Java expressions Math variables
Author: Marty Stepp (on 2013/04/01)

Write the result of each expression. Assume that each expression follows the ones before it, so that the code on a previous line affects what would happen on the next line. Note that a variable's value changes only if you reassign it using the = operator. (Make sure to write a value of the proper type, such as 12.0 rather than 12 for a double.)

double grade = 2.7;
Math.round(grade);                                // a) grade =
grade = Math.round(grade);                        // b) grade =

double min = Math.min(grade, Math.floor(2.9));    // c) min =

double x = Math.pow(2, 4);                        // d) x =
x = Math.sqrt(64);                                // e) x =

int count = 25;
Math.sqrt(count);                                 // f) count =
count = (int) Math.sqrt(count);                   // g) count =

int a = Math.abs(Math.min(-1, -3));               // h) a =
a) grade =
b) grade =
c) min =
d) x =
e) x =
f) count =
g) count =
h) a =

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