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BJP3 Self-Check 4.1: logicalTests

Language/Type: Java boolean logic expressions
Author: Will Beebe (on 2013/04/01)

Translate each of the following English statements into logical tests that could be used in an if/else statement. Write the appropriate logical test for each statement below. Assume that three int variables, x, y, and z, have already been declared.

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a. z is odd.
b. z is not greater than y's square root.
c. y is positive.
d. Either x or y is even, and the other is odd. (Hint: Don't use && or ||.)
e. y is a multiple of z.
f. z is not zero.
g. y is greater in magnitude than z.
h. x and z are of opposite signs.
i. y is a nonnegative one-digit number.
j. z is nonnegative.
k. x is even
l. x is closer in value to y than z is.

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