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BJP4 Self-Check 1.30: javaClub

Language/Type: Java classes method basics
Author: Marty Stepp (on 2016/09/08)

Consider the following program, saved into a file named Example.java:

 1  public class Example {
 2      public static void displayRule() {
 3          System.out.println("The first rule ");
 4          System.out.println("of Java Club is,");
 5          System.out.println();
 6          System.out.println("you do not talk about Java Club.");
 7      }
 9      public static void main(String[] args) {
10          System.out.println("The rules of Java Club.");
11          displayRule();
12          displayRule();
13      }
14  }

What would happen if each of the following changes were made to the Example program? Treat each change independently of the others.

  • If there would be no change to the program, choose "nothing".
  • If it would cause the program not to compile, or an error when attempting to run it, choose "error".
  • If it would change the program's output, choose "output".
a) Change line 1 to:
public class Demonstration
b) Change line 9 to:
public static void MAIN(String[] args) {
c) Insert a new line after line 11 that reads:
d) Change line 2 to:
public static void printMessage() {
e) Change line 2 to:
public static void showMessage() {
and change lines 11 and 12 to:
f) Replace lines 3-4 with:
System.out.println("The first rule of Java Club is,");

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