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BJP4 Self-Check 11.20: mapMystery2

Language/Type: Java Collection mystery Sets and Maps
Author: Allison Obourn (on 2016/09/08)

Write the output that is printed when the given method below is passed each of the following maps as its parameter. Assume that each parameter map stores its key/value pairs in exactly the order shown, and that is the order in which a for-each loop would examine them. Recall that maps print in a {key1=value1, key2=value2, ..., keyN=valueN} format. Your answer should display the right values in the right order.

public static void mapMystery2(Map<String, String> m) {
    Set<String> s = new TreeSet<String>();
    for (String key : m.keySet()) {
        if (!m.get(key).equals(key)) {
        } else {
{sheep=wool, house=brick, cast=plaster, wool=wool}
{munchkin=blue, winkie=yellow, corn=yellow, grass=green, emerald=green}
{pumpkin=peach, corn=apple, apple=apple, pie=fruit, peach=peach}
{lab=ipl, lion=cat, terrier=dog, cat=cat, platypus=animal, nyan=cat}

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