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BJP4 Exercise 9.11: FilteredAccount

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Author: Eric Spishak (on 2016/09/08)

A cash processing company has a class called Account used to process transactions:

Method/Constructor Description
public Account(Client c) constructs an account using client information
public boolean process(Transaction t) processes the next transaction, returning true if transaction was approved, false otherwise

Account objects interact with Transaction objects, which have many methods including:

Method/Constructor Description
public int value() returns the value of this transaction in pennies (could be negative, positive or zero)

The company wishes to create a slight modification to the Account class that filters out zero-valued transactions. Design a new class called FilteredAccount whose instances can be used in place of an Account object but which include the extra behavior of not processing transactions with a value of 0. More specifically, the new class should indicate that a zero-valued transaction was approved but shouldn't call the process method in the Account class to process it. Your class should have a single constructor that accepts a parameter of type Client, and it should include the following method:

Method/Constructor Description
public double percentFiltered() returns the percent of transactions filtered out (between 0.0 and 100.0); returns 0.0 if no transactions submitted

Assume that all transactions enter the system by a call on the process method described above.

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This is an inheritance problem. Write a Java class using inheritance. (You do not need to write any import statements.)

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