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Language/Type: Java arrays Strings
Author: Marty Stepp

Write a method named allPlural that accepts an array of strings as a parameter and returns true only if every string in the array is a plural word, and false otherwise. For this problem a plural word is defined as any string that ends with the letter S, case-insensitively. The empty string "" is not considered a plural word, but the single-letter string "s" or "S" is. Your method should return true if passed an empty array (one with 0 elements).

The table below shows calls to your method and the expected values returned:

Array Call and Value Returned
String[] a1 = {"snails", "DOGS", "Cats"};
allPlural(a1) returns true
String[] a2 = {"builds", "Is", "S", "THRILLs", "CS"};
allPlural(a2) returns true
String[] a3 = {};
allPlural(a3) returns true
String[] a4 = {"She", "sells", "sea", "SHELLS"};
allPlural(a4) returns false
String[] a5 = {"HANDS", "feet", "toes", "OxEn"};
allPlural(a5) returns false
String[] a6 = {"shoes", "", "socks"};
allPlural(a6) returns false

For full credit, your method should not modify the array's elements.

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This is a method problem. Write a Java method as described. Do not write a complete program or class; just the method(s) above.

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