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Author: Marty Stepp

Define a class named Circle. A Circle object stores a radius and the (x, y) coordinates of its center point. Each Circle object should have the following public methods:

  • Circle(center, radius)
    Constructs a new circle with a center specified by the given Point and with the given integer radius.
  • getCenter()
    Returns the circle's center Point.
  • getRadius()
    Returns the circle's radius.
  • getArea()
    Returns the area occupied by the circle, using the formula πr2.
  • getCircumference()
    Returns the circle's circumference (distance around the circle), using the formula 2πr.
  • toString()
    Returns a string representation of the circle, such as "Circle[center=(75, 20),radius=30]".
  • draw(g)
    Draws the circle onto a DrawingPanel, labeling its center point and drawing an outline of the circle itself.
  • contains(p)
    Returns whether the given point lies inside the circle.
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This is a class problem. Submit a complete Java class as described.

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